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maeby_surely [userpic]


December 27th, 2009 (09:59 pm)

Hey any and all. Hope you had a great holiday. I was running late this year and only sent a couple of Christmas cards to the addresses I had from last year, but hopefully they made it at or near the nick of time.

Fun fact, the lovely Pixie actually delivered her three pups later the same night after I made her pose for Christmas card glamour shots. What a trooper.

new puppieeeees

So in addition to a couple of adorable puppies (flights of angels, third puppy...), I'm babysitting a couple of plot bunnies lately. I've been watching a lot (as in, more than usual, which means a LOT) of L&O: Criminal Intent lately, and shipping the shit out of Goren/Eames...They are playing a lot of the Jeff Goldblum eps tonight. I actually like him well enough (let's not forget my youthful obsession with Dr. Ian Malcolm) but it really pisses me off that they're getting rid of Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe AND Julianne Nicholson to reboot the show with him as the lead. Since I can't trust them to send Goren/Eames off into the sunset like they oughta, I feel like I have to.

I also saw Planet Terror/Death Proof in theater for the x-teenth time recently and it jump-started my Cherry/Wray shipping tendencies. Nerd alert, I got to ask QT a Q&A question at another Death Proof screening at the same theater a few weeks before; it was a totally lame one and of course I thought of a much better one later but still, total bucket list moment. Finally saw Inglourious Basterds too, so I've been thinking a lot about Tarantino movies from a feminist perspective (with with the whole 100_scalps thing and fic as a feminist phenomenon in general in mind)...penny for your thoughts?

maeby_surely [userpic]

LOST 5.1 and 5.2

January 21st, 2009 (11:52 pm)

Hot Pockets!Collapse )

maeby_surely [userpic]

archiving livejournal

January 7th, 2009 (07:40 am)

If anybody is still wondering about backing up, I found ljArchive worked for me. I am not sure yet whether the data can be exported everywhere, but I at least got entries and comments, and the links work and everything. I think it's supposed to work for comms as well.

I know we LJ'ers are prone to overreaction, but at this point it doesn't seem impossible that change is a comin'. The official LiveJournal tweet sure didn't instill a whole ton of confidence (emphasis mine): LJers! Don't worry, the news of our demise is premature.Yes, there were layoffs, but that does not affect your LJ!

maeby_surely [userpic]

LOST HoHoHo fic for haldoor (Sawyer/Sayid, NC-17)

January 1st, 2009 (11:18 pm)

Title: seas between us broad have roared
For: haldoor
Pairing/Characters: Sawyer/Sayid
Prompt: Sawyer/Sayid, established relationship, AU or way into future fic, off island. Christmas is over and they're invited to a New Year's party. Neither one wants to go, but each thinks the other does. Whether they get there or not is up to you. Sex please, kink optional
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1440ish
Disclaimer: LOST and it's characters are owned by ABC and other people that are definitely not me. Unless owning LOST Kubricks counts.
Notes: Technically, in my time zone I'm still (barely) on time! This is my first time writing...practically anything, in forever. First time writing slash, so forgive me for the pronoun trouble. Constructive criticism is very very welcome and appreciated, but please be gentle :D

Sayid should already be dressed by now.Collapse )

maeby_surely [userpic]

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

December 6th, 2008 (05:05 pm)

Would anyone like to get a Christmas card from yours truly? I know I haven't posted much yet but I have a lot of fun with my card every year and I'd love to add anybody that's interested to my list.

Comments are screened so you can drop your details here!

Happy holidays!

maeby_surely [userpic]

wake up!

September 20th, 2008 (10:20 am)

Well, I keep telling myself I'm going to write. And if there's one thing I know I can write, it's meme answers. So we'll start with that.

Stolen from elise_509!

Which Celebrity Crush would you –

Read more...Collapse )

maeby_surely [userpic]

We're veering away from relatability again...

May 20th, 2007 (06:14 pm)

It's been a month now since I launched this baby. It was a real pain to find a LJ layout that I liked that was compatible with a Basic account, but I finally worked it out. It's a little ghetto, but we all have to work within our limitations. I love it, so that's what matters. Though I'll probably shell out for a Paid account to get the icons anyway. I'm supposed to make due with six after having a hundred?

So besides working on that, I've been adding interests and communities and reading more awesome fic than I could ask for. And since I've been following so many comms now, I've read some great pairings that I never thought I'd be interested in (norrington/elizabeth, to give one example). And now that school is over I really want to get out there with some fic of my own, damn it. I've got an Office Michael/Jan fic that has been bugging me for ages, and I basically started this journal so that I could do the Cherry/Wray-Cherry/Dakota Grindhouse epic that's begging to be written. So you can watch this spot, because soon there's going to be some mad cool stuff here.

maeby_surely [userpic]

Hang up the chick habit

April 20th, 2007 (11:59 pm)

I started this journal so I could follow all my fandom obsessions in one place, but I'm hoping to use it for posting some fan fic as well. Odds are it'll be something from The Office, LOST or Grindhouse, but you just never know, maybe it'll be Rome or Dexter or some other such crazy thing. I'm still looking for a layout/color scheme that I like, but that's not going to hold me up any longer. Feel free to add me and I'll add you back :D

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